Hakugakusen Shinku 720ml

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Hakugakusen Shinku 720ml


Hakugakusen Shinku 720ml

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Origin: Fukui

Spec: Karakuchi Junmai

Volume: 720ml

Alcohol: 15%

Sake Meter Value: +10

Rice Polishing Rate: Koji Rice 55% / Kake Rice 65%

Hakugakusen uses medium hard waters from the Hakusan subterranean water vein, which is quite a well-known source. This refreshing water drawn up from 100metors below ground from a well inside the storehouse with its high mineral content forms the base of soft Japanese sake with a transparent sensibility. The rice used as a raw ingredient adheres to the quality of rice produced in Fukui Prefecture that is suitable for brewing sake, and “Gohyakumangoku” and “Gin no Sato” are used. The product features a sense of consistency thanks to the use of rice grown with the water from the same area. Gin no Sato, a high-grade rice made in a special cultivating area with reduced pesticides and no chemical fertilizers, features a full fragrance and moderate flavour. It is suited to being highly polished and is mainly used in junmai daiginjo-shu. For the yeast, “HGS-01” and “HGS-02”, original yeasts exclusive to Hakugakusen are used. Both are managed and kept in the storehouse where they adapt to the brewing water, rice and the environment inside the storehouse. The HGS-01 features a banana-like fragrance and full-bodied flavor. The Muscat-like fragrance and the crispness with a sense of transparency also stand out in HGS-02