Larios Dry Gin

Larios Dry Gin dates back to 1866 when Charles Lamothe, a French wine entrepreneur, together with his Spanish associate, Fernando Jimenez, founded Jimenez & Lamothe Company. They began with the distillation and maturation of brandies, liqueurs and Malaga wines. The third Marquis of Larios, Jose Aurelio Larios, provided the financial backing to Jimenez and Lamothe, and eventually purchased the company. He changed the name to Larios and Cia. In 1932 the company became Larios SA, and Larios Dry Gin received the name by which it is known today.


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Larios Dry Gin
Larios® Dry Gin attained its current renown during the 1980s—when warm-weather, fizzy concoctions known “Long Drinks” became popular. However, Larios’ world-famous reputation actually dates back to 18..
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