Louis XIII de Remy Martin

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Created in 1874, with an unceasing quest for quality within the House of Remy Martin- LOUIS XIII Greand Champagne Cognac is truly the King of Cognacs. Four generations of cellar masters are necessary to create this exceptional blend of 1,200 od the most carefully selected eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne region, aged up to 100 years in Tiercons, century - oldcasks made of Limousin oak.

One sip, and the preciousnectar's mahagony colour unveils a cognac with an exceptionally lingering taste, a polyphony of tastes evoking dried fruits, the smell of incence with hints of sandalwood. With the next sip comes an explosion of countrless aromas unveiling the softness and smoothness of eaux-de-vie. The exquisite crystal decanter is hand-blown, individually numbered and ringed with 24 carat fine gold. A unique work of art requiring the talent of 11 exceptional craftmen.




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