John Walker & Sons XR 21 In Stock

  • S$212.00

  • Brand: John Walker & Sons XR 21
  • Country of origin: N/A
  • Year: N/A
  • ABV: N/A
  • Volume: 0ml
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The stunning John Walker & Sons XR21 recalls the rich colours and bold forms, a superior blend of exceptional smoothness and depth that contains extremely rare whiskies aged for a minimum of 21 years - including some from distilleries no longer in existence. Crafted using extra rare whiskies from american and european oak casks, it is imbued with subtle vanilla and golden honey notes and has an incredibly smooth finish.

A special edition release of Johnnie Walker, this 21 year old expression was inspired by the blending notes of Sir Alexander Walker. Featuring whisky from the extensive Johnnie Walker stocks, the XR 21 Year Old is even said to include whisky from the now-silent Brora distillery. Exciting stuff from Johnnie Walker!