Whisky production in Japan began around 1870, but the first commercial production was in 1924 upon the opening of the country's first distillery, Yamazaki. Broadly speaking the style of Japanese whisky is more similar to that of Scotch whisky than Irish, American, or Canadian styles of whiskey, and thus the spelling typically follows the Scottish convention (omitting the letter "e").

Japanese Whisky

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Hakushu Distiller’s Reserve (Usual Price $136)
The innovation in Hakushu Distiller’s Reserve comes from using a lightly peated malt whisky as its “young talent.” This is a first in the Hakushu Range. Typically, lightly peated malt whiskies would l..
Hibiki 12 Years
This blended whisky combines carefully selected malt whiskies at least 12 years old with an appropriate number of multiple types of ripened grain malt whiskies, all also at least 12 years old. Suntory..
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Hibiki 17 Year Old
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Hibiki 21 Year Old
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Hibiki 30 Year Old
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Colour : Pale Gold Aroma : Vanilla and butterscotch, with hints of peat and spice Palate : Soft on the palate with notes of citrus Finish : Smooth and slightly spicy with a pleasant vanilla afterta..
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